Integrated light
for any construction material

Light totally integrated in the architecture

Ghost is the essence of our continuous research efforts that are constantly evolving and devoted to find the right answer to the  professionals needs' who look for lighting integrated into the architecture and disappearing in the contest. 

Ghost is properly the answer to this research. Light and space are perceived in a very functional way completely balanced through the use of the same material finish of  the architecture. 

"The light blade comes from the architecture.
When it’s off, it disappears". 

This is Ghost.


Today the family Ghost can provide integrated lighting solutions for many different type of materials. 

1. Ghost for CLADDING. Ghost for cladding or plasterboard is the most recent development of the range. It comes with an anodised aluminium recessed housing that can be finished in many different materials such as plasterboard, mosaic, ceramic tiles or stone finish.

2. Ghost for CAST CONCRETE. Ghost for cast concrete is a luminous void obtained from a specific recessed housing anchored to the inside of the shutters before the concrete is cast.

3. Ghost for INSULATION PANELS. Ghost for insulation panels is a functional path light for wall installation. The body of the fixture is integrated into insulating polystyrene panels that are then used with other insulating panels of the same material to cover and insulate the building.

4. Ghost for BUILDING MATERIALS WITH PLASTER FINISH. Ghost for building materials allows to cut out luminous voids inside of walls made of any type of construction material, breeze blocks or other construction materials 

Ghost for Cladding

Ghost fixture is provided with aluminium and it has been developed so that it can be completely covered with the same material finish as the wall to totally integrate the fixture into the architecture and create discreet lighting effects.

Ghost for Cladding installation video


Ghost for Exterior Fibre Cement siding panels (Aquapanel® type)


The sizes available are: Microghost L 72 mm, Ghost L 240 mm,  Ghost L 430 mm,  Ghost L 810 mm,  Ghost L 1570 mm and all the Ghost Linear versions, may be connected to obtain continuous linear cavities. All of them, can be finished in many different materials such as plasterboard, mosaic, ceramic tiles or stone finish.

Exterior fiber cement siding panels 


Mosaic or Tiles




Stone finish

Ghost for Cast Concrete

Ghost for cast concrete is a luminous void created through a specific recessed housing fixed to the shutters before casting. The LED engine is only installed when the concrete surrounding the housing is completely dry, filling the void with light.

Ghost for concrete installation video


Ghost Linear version installation video 


Ghost square (in various sizes)



Ghost horizontal



Ghost vertical



Ghost linear



Ghost for insulation panels

The luminous housing is installed together with the other insulating panels of  polystyrene. In this way the light is completely integrated in the insulated “shell” of the architecture without jeopardizing the thermal insulation and therefore maintain the energy efficiency rating of the building.


Ghost for insulation panels installation video


Microghost square


Ghost horizontal


Ghost for Building Materials with plaster finish

Ghost for construction materials is a further development of the Ghost range that allows to create lit voids into walls built from any material that require a plaster finish. The special recessed housing protrudes by 15mm so to consider the various layers of plaster so to give a perfect flush finish. The fixtures inclined aperture can be painted and is therefore completely integrated into the architecture.


Ghost for Building Materials with plaster finish installation video


Microghost square


Ghost horizontal


Gallery of installations. Ghost family

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