Lighting elements for the cast concrete

We have developed a lighting system ideal for concrete based structures including walls and facades of residential or commercial buildings, as well as concrete staircases of stadiums, public buildings and anti vandal project applications.

Ghost represents a revolution in the world of the light for the constructions.

The installation is very simple and is a good solution both for the public, as for the private.  The Ghost range originates from a simple but revolutionary idea that thanks to a careful engineering became an industrial product: to create out-and-out luminous cavities inside the material and to conceal the lighting body as to make the light the only and unique player in the architecture. 
Ghost, what we want to add is just light.

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How to install the light in the cast concrete 

Ghost is a lighting void that is created using a housing anchored to two retaining panels before pouring in concrete to make the structure. Once the concrete is dry, the housing is removed and the left space is a natural and sharp cast created in the drying process.

Ghost is composed of two elements: the housing and the lighting element. The housing has two separate parts, firstly, a jig (1A), which forms the housing, and is extracted together with the retaining panel after completing the casting and removing the anchor screws (2). Secondly, a housing (1B) that remains embedded inside the casting and houses the lighting element when the jig is removed.

The housing is supplied with bolts, locking system and stickers to be applied on the outside of the retaining panels to ensure the perfect alignment if installing multiple luminaires.

The lighting element (3) is die cast aluminium and is anchored to the casing (1B) through proper screws. It remains completely hidden in the void. 

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Marc Sadler

"Ghost is a technical prodigy, directly casted into the concrete, the product of a sophisticated and invisible genius to fuse architecture and light in a natural way"

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