Wall mounted outdoor luminaire

Pocket's elegance
in a new shape


Pocket is a wall mounted outdoor luminaire with a soft and diffused light effect: with elegance and timeless sober lines, it is able to blend into every architectural context.  Alongside the previous versions Mini Pocket and Pocket, the new Pocket Rectangular is now available, in a renovated horizontal version.




Simplicity is
the fundamental key
of every icon
of elegance.


With its uniform light distribution and its rounded and thin profile, Pocket draws a gentle balance between shapes and light. Pocket is a double emission surface mounted fixture for outdoor applications with a uniform light distribution.


An high colour rendering index assures a real perception of colors and materials also in the outdoor spaces.



No visible screws
and easy installation.


The elegant and sober lines that characterize the whole range are further enhanced by the easy clip-on system and no visible screws. Pocket is without visible screws and is installed on the wall with a simple gesture.






Pocket applique LED per esterno
Aluminium to resist.
Glass to diffuse.


The IP65 protection class makes Pocket the perfect solution for external spaces and humid interiors. The use of EN AB-47100 die-cast aluminium guarantees a high resistance to oxidation. The luminaire undergoes a three step paint process to assure complete reliability over time in every environmental and climatic condition.




Colors for different contexts


Aluminium grey, white and anthracite grey are the colors selected for the standard versions. On request (with surcharge) Pocket can also be ordered in the other standard colors available in Simes catalogue or in any other RAL color.

colore .14


colore .01


colore .24


Timeless elegance


Its minimal design allows Pocket to be used in different applications. In residential areas it can be installed on a facade to underline an entrance, to light up a patio or to highlight the perimeter of a building. In public contexts it is perfectly suitable to enhance accomodation facilities for hospitality, bars and restaurants.

This luminaire matches well with modern architectures, but not only. Pocket, with its simple and essential lines, blends with a perfect balance also with historical and classical facades, that are rich in details.

The range in 3 dimensions


From square to rectangular: Pocket, the outdoor wall mounted luminaire, has now evolved into a new dimension. All versions are characterized by dimensions and reduced proportions.

The new shape extends project applications of this range with a more performing option.
In addition, the rectangular version allows to integrate a DALI driver (on request with price change).










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Pocket outdoor wall mounted luminaire

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