Multi-adjustable spotlight

Flexibility and style
in a ultra-slim body


Pivot is a totally adjustable unconventional projector

conceived to direct its beam to any point of the space.

adapt and
reach the goal.

The complete adjustability of the beam allows the projector to illuminate the scene with an extremely flexible approach. The lighting designer can choose the desired inclination and fix it to light up in a very definite way.





Light and
silent into the 

With its linear and thin shape, Pivot enhances the scene with pleasant light, totally blending with surroundings. Specially designed to house the cowl for each LED, the frontal visor ensures glarefree beams and perfectly contoured light projections. Thanks to various optional  filters, it allows to provide different light beams, switching Pivot from a narrow beam projector to a wide beam projector for large subjects.


pivot_dettaglioLENTI - Copia-1


Pivot doppia tcnica_ITA_ok
A complete family

The product is offered in two versions, which are different in shape and type of power supply. The first one, with a thin
cylindrical body, reduces to an absolute minimum the visual impact of the lighting body on the scene. It requires remote power supply and is provided in 3 lengths: 4, 7 and 12 LEDs.

Balanced diffusion
of light
Pivot is available with 32° beam as standard, but this can be easily changed by opening the front visor and replacing the filter with a different one. With a simple gesture, the projector changes from medium beam to spot, wide, elliptical, without losing its degree of IP protection

The high CRI  ensures a realistic perception of colors and materials even in the outdoor space.







One concept,
more applications


Perfect for ground installation, with or without stake, and suitable both for pole and wall fixing, the adjustable projector is coinceived to easily suit every scene.




Minimal and elegant design
The aluminium grey is the colour chose for the standard version,
as it easily fit urban and landscape design.
Pivot can be required in any RAL version on request and with price quotation.
Brochure Pivot

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