NEWS 2021

Outdoor applique and steplight

Accent light as wall light and marker


The new Petit Applique joins the Petit Steplight version, completing the family. Reduced dimensions and curved shapes, to enhance the walls and light up the walkways. Two different applications, merging harmoniously to ensure continuity of style within the same project.


Different applications the same design
Light for drawing
on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Petit Applique is placed in the upper part of the wall. Its beam draws a clear and expressive cone of light on the vertical surface. In the steplight version, the well-defined beam extends from the wall to the surface of the walkway, opening into a characteristic rounded petal shape.


The high color rendering index ensures a realistic perception of colors and materials even in the outdoor space.




The strategic position of the LED source

In the Applique version, the LED is housed in a rear position inside a polycarbonate obturator, totally hidden from view for no glaring. In the steplight version, the position and orientation of the LED inside the dimmer are designed to obtain a projection of the beam that pushes horizontally, illuminating a large portion of the walking surface. In both versions, maximum attention has been paid to the shutter finishing, which is photo-etched in the seam lines to avoid any imperfection that could affect the accuracy of the beam.

Petit doppia tcnica_ENG_ok

PETIT Applique.

Match of harmonious shapes


Petit Applique is suitable in residential and hospitality contexts to mark an entrance or characterize facades, porches, and terraces. Its light can be directed downwards to illuminate the grazing wall, or upwards, to enhance the details of a ceiling or vault.

Petit applique fasci alto e basso
No visible screws,
one-click application.


Petit Applique softly merges into the wall with the elegant silhouette, spreading its pleasant lighting effect. The one-clip fixing system and the transparent glass contribute to design an extremely clean lighting body with no visible screws.

Die-cast aluminum and high resistance to oxidation.
Extra resistant double painting.

IP Rating IP65



MINIPETIT Steplight.

Leading with light.


Minipetit is a steplight to be placed at the bottom of the wall. Its uniform beam extends from the wall towards the ground in front, opening in a characteristic rounded shape that seems like a petal.

Petit step-light light in rounded petal shape
Resistant over time and to climatic stresses

Minipetit is made up of oxidation resistant aluminum and is double painted as standard to resist rain and moisture. Petit is an outdoor lighting fitting but due to its contained dimensions and elegant shapes, it can also be used in the indoors, especially in spas and humid areas.


Die-cast aluminum and high resistance to oxidation.
Extra resistant double painting.

IP Rating IP65




The light in a hand


Minipetit Steplight explores the theme of the miniaturization to offer new possibilities of integration between light and architecture. The fixation to its base and therefore to the wall is done with a hexagon screw totally concealed to the view.

Petit step-light for residential houses outdoors
Colours to merge with the outdoor
White, aluminium grey and anthracite grey are the colours selected for the standard versions.
The Petit range can also be requested (with surcharge) in other standard colours available in Simes catalogue or in any RAL colours.
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