IP System®

Outdoor plug-in lighting system

The plug-in for humid environments is now possible!


IP System is an innovative dual power light system for outdoor environment, composed of a light rod that can host and power at any point one or more additional plug-in lights IP65. Thanks to its plug-in installation system , IP System provides a high degree of protection on all elements of the system and provides a flexible illumination of any space that requires effects of linear diffuse light combined with accent lighting effects.

IP protection of IPSystem

IP System is a system composed of several luminaires and has a IP protection suitable for outdoor or indoor environments with a high grade of humidity such as Spas, wellness centers, swimming pools, wineries, vinegar. 

IPSystem is composed of a Highlighter light rod that can host anywhere in its lenght, plug-in IP65 lighting products.

The Highlighter rod with or without the plug-in products installed, has an IP65  protection. 

However, the Highlighter rod has another extraordinary feature, that is to allow the removal and repositioning of plug-in products. This operation leads Highlighter to obtain a degree of protection IP54, confirming its compatibility with outdoor and humid environments. 

IP SYSTEM_exploded system single parts
Electrical installation plug-in


The mechanical and electrical connection of all plug-in products to the rod is via a double installation system:

- The two metal clips hook the anodised aluminium extrusion externally and permanently ensure the product plug-in to the light rod;

- The 4 pins, necessary for the 24V electrical connection, pierce the silicone strip housed in the extrusion and intercept a dedicated line that has an independent power line from the rod itself.

- The painted aluminium veils complete the system by hiding the fastening clips external to the extrusion. The end caps create an aesthetic and functional closure as they become an additional safety element for the joining of the components.


Aggancio clip_IP System


IP SYSTEM_lounge dinner
Wide application solutions


IP System opens the way to the first generation of lighting systems for outdoor, and does so with a wide variety of possibility.
The Ceiling plug-in and Trendy plug-in downlights have fixed and comfortable optics and direct their beam exclusively downwards. The projectors with adjustable optics of the Flower plug-in family can tilt the beam in any direction, ideal for accent lighting producing defined and emotional effects.


The consumption of Highlighter lighting Rod is of 15W per each meter. (total max 60W)
The overall consumption of the plug-in fixtures on each Highlighter Rod (regardless of its length 1, 2, 3 or 4m) must not exceed 60W

IP SYSTEM_diffuse and accent light
Separate lighting and dimming

The presence of two separate and independent power supply lines, one for the supply of the lighting profile (Highlighter) and the other specifically dedicated to the supply of the plugin fixtures, allows the two different elements to be either switched or dimmed separately. It will then be possible to create different scenarios and vary them according to the applications.


IP System therefore needs two separate power supplies both remote (dimmable or non dimmable), one to control the light rod and one to power the plug-in products.


IP SYSTEM_luce diffusa


Luce diffusa_particolare_IP System


General lighting

(Highlighter ON and the plug-in products OFF)

The lighting and dimming of the sole Highlighter rod, creates a uniform and diffused lighting suitable for, as example, to perform functional and work activities.


IP SYSTEM_winery accent lighting


Luce accento_particolare_IP System


Accent lighting

(Highlighter OFF and the plug-in products ON)

The lighting and dimming of space-oriented plug-in products alone, creates a theatrical and emotional atmosphere that focuses on specific details.


IP SYSTEM_winery accent and general lighting


Luci diffuse e accento_IP System


Accent lighting and general lighting

(Highlighter ON and plug-in products ON)

The simultaneous lighting and dimming of Highlighter and plug-in products creates a balance between the two types of lighting and dampens the contrasts of light and shade produced by the plug-in luminaires.

IP SYSTEM_application in humid environments

Brochure IP System_download_ENG


Download the IP SYSTEM® brochure!

In the PDF you will find:

- Detailed information about the system;

- Single plug-in products with technical sheets;

- Requirements and technical details for assembly and disassembly the entire system;

- Application segments;

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