surface mounted
step light for
back boxes

5Cento is a versatile step light with limited dimensions and a slim design that can be easily installed in common electrical back boxes for plasterboard or masonry.



With only 22mm of protrusion, 5cento has been developed in two different components:

- the body of the luminaire to be mounted on the wall or on the back box thanks to a modular installation system; 

-  a magnetic plate that fixes perfectly onto the body of the luminaire.

The union of the two parts makes the luminaire totally free of visible screws.


5cento can be fixed to the traditional electrical back boxes for plasterboard or masonry which are common in Italy (from here comes the inspiration for the name 5cento), but also for other European standards such as France, UK and Germany.



5cento has been developed in 3 different versions: square, rectangular, rectangular long. In the two rectangular versions, the driver can be housed directly in the back box. Because of reduced dimension in the square version the driver is  installed remote.


For maximum flexibility in installation, 5cento has been conceived with a modular installation system, so that the larger versions can be installed on the smaller electrical back boxes.

5cento_immagine_07It can be surface mounted (A) or it can be fixed to the traditional electrical back box (B).


5cento is particularly suitable for residential applications and represents a very user friendly installation system.




The elegant and minimal design of the lighting fixtures is the leitmotiv that distinguishes the engineering of our collection of outdoor lighting fixtures. But form is not everything: in the development of our range we have also taken care of function. The quality of light highly affects people's well-being: for this reason, the outdoor surface step light 5Cento is characterized by a high colour rendering index of CRI90 and is available in 2700K  colour temperature as standard.




All the codes and technical details of the 5cento family are available on the website.


Download the .pdf brochure "Microlighting for Outdoor" 


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